Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I am at Vancouver airport and they have wireless internet. I passed all security checks. There were no pat downs or x-rays. They were there. The only thing that I had to do was take off my coat after I had been through the guy with his security wand, I didn't mind. After this I lined up to go through the x-ray machine but the woman said I've been cleared and I didn't need to do it. Then I went through to the American Border security area. I had a very nice man who served me. My finger prints and thumb scanned well. He kept saying stunning after his tests on me. He told me to smile for the camera and when I did he said stunning. He knew about the ESTA form that I did online I didn't need to show him. I had it ready. Then after this he wished me a happy new year. I've been told that's all the checks they will do. All I need to do is to enjoy my time flying and find my gate in Dallas. As for my suitcase it will meet in Orlando. In Vancouver it automatically goes through the security checks. So far I have found my gate and I am enjoying a fruit parfeit before my flight. I sometimes think that the media blows American security out of proportion. I honestly thought every passenger would either be patted down or x-ray but this snap shot experience has proven other wise. So far, so good. Good news, I will be bringing some Canadian money home with me, which means another trip in the not so distant future. YES!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

You can breathe a sigh of relief Joy. Hope you have a lovely time in the warmer climate. It will be interesting to see how the disney in Florida compares with the one in California.