Monday, January 24, 2011

Greeting from Hawaii-The Waikiki Trolley

Over these last two days I have been on the Waikiki Trolley.We took two different bus lines. The bus lines were colour coded. There was a red line that focused on the historical sites and the green trolley route focused on the beaches. On the green route we went to Diamond Head - a very scenic beach and great lookouts. The properties around the route would be in the millions. Great beach views. The red route took us to downtown Honolulu and to China Town. The fruit and vegetables at China Town looked very reasonable in price. The bananas were 59 cents a pound about 3 bananas. There was a lot of seafood in shells and crayfish crammed in cages. In downtown Honolulu we went to the Aloha Market. The Aloha Market was a bit of a hole and a lot of the shops were closed. The USA has been hit quite badly with the recession. We noticed this in Las Vegas where there were half built buildings just sitting there no workers, no action, no deadlines to completion. After we went to the Aloha Market we stopped off at the Ward Centre. The Ward Centre has a big sports shop-a bit like Rebel Sport. The prices for Addidas and Nike clothing were very reasonable. You could get an Addidas track suit for under $80. One of the best things about the Waikiki Trolley was the driver. The driver named Peter was a real laugh a minute. He would love at his own jokes and would "yeah yeehah" with every stop. He would joke with other drivers at the lights and would confidently speak Japanese. He was a bit like Jim Carey and Robin Williams combined-a bit slap stick.

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