Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Goodbye Orlando

Today marks a whole new adventure. Today I am flying to Las Vegas. I am at Orlando Airport and have been through security, no x-rays or pat downs. The man just guided me through the arch way to collect my carry on luggage. I am sitting at my gate. The Orlando Airport experience wasn't too daunting as I had been to this airport before and I just followed the signs. I have really enjoyed my time in Orlando. The Disney Resort was a fantastic place to stay in as there was transport to and from the theme parks every twenty minutes and at night I would go to Downtown Disney where there were heaps of Restaurants to choose from and there were plenty of Disney shops to buy from. I would love to come back to Orlando again. Next time I would probably divide my stay between two hotels: Disney and one on International Drive. International Drive has Sea World and Universal Studios. It also has Discovery Cove where you can swim with Dolphins and Wonder works. I would like to do a city and sights tour and also a hop on /hop off tour. The cell phone is working well however it takes dollars off for incoming calls. It doesn't run on a sim card just a battery and has a booklet with easy to follow instructions. Daily use-when I use it costs 99 cents a day plus calls cost 10 cents a minute. Last night I discovered that if you go onto the phones website through the phone you can find the locators of calling cards. You just need to enter the zip code and state and it states how many miles it takes. Pretty cool. I am sitting on $3 at the moment but when I get to Vegas I know the seven eleven store has my card for my phone. I don't need to travel to Walmart which seems to be out in the suburbs. Today I have a 5 hour flight to Phoenix Arizona and a 1 hour flight to Las Vegas from Phoenix. I am very lucky with flights. At the moment Atlanta Georgia and Dallas Texas has snow. The airports are closed, just as well I'm not flying to Dallas. Well that's all of the news from me. I hope that my hotel Circus, Circus in Las Vegas has WIFI. If there is a Starbucks I will base myself there. I will be meeting my parents in Las Vegas. It's hard to believe I have 12 days left of my precious holiday. Time is going too fast.
Miami in FloridaThe Adam's Family House which was featured on the TV series

Edith Piaf's House
Julio Iglasias' House

Miami Beach

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