Saturday, January 15, 2011

Greetings from Las Vegas

Hi everyone, still no wins but gains with going to great shows and seeing terrific scenery. Yesterday I went to the Grand Canyon. There was lots of snow. The Canyon was spectacular as it had many layers of red rock. It kind of reminded me of sedimentary rock. I took a day tour and it took 5 hours to get there. We stopped at the Hoover Dam to take photos. The Hoover Dam was very interesting as the bride divided the states: Nevada and Arizona. Before we went over the bridge it was Nevada and once you drive over the bridge you're in Arizona. The dam was built in 1931. 114 people lost their lives building the dam. On the way to the Hoover Dam we went past a little township called Bouder City. In Bouder City it is illegal to have any gambling facilities of any sort. This was made law in the 1970's. The late Bob Hope and Celine Dion have properties out there. Bouder City is about 45 minutes out of Las Vegas. Celine Dion and Cher are quite big here. Cher is playing here at the moment.
The Cirque Du Solei show on Thursday night was great. The stage was a big dive pool but was also an ordinary stage. It just lifted up from dive pool to ordinary stage. It was a synchronized swiMming show combined with acrobatic moves. The hotel that it was performed in had marble floors and walls. Very posh. Must go off to find Mum and Dad as we are off to do some shopping today. At 4 pm I am off to see the Lion King show at the Mandalay Bay Hotel. Mum and Dad saw this a few years back so I'm seeing it on my own. Tomorrow I am doing a neon lights tour of Las Vegas from 5:30pm to midnight.

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