Saturday, January 8, 2011

Greetings from Orlando

The Disney All Star Music Resort-this was the area that I stayed in:- The Rock & Roll area

Hi everyone it feels like ages since I last updated my travel blog. I am staying at a Disney Resort which has two outdoor swimming pools and it is music themed. I am staying at the Rock & roll block. Unfortunately it doesn't have wireless WIFI. If I had my school laptop on me I would be able to use an ethenet cable so for these last few days I have been missing the net. On Wednesday I went to EPCOT which is one of Disneys theme parks. The park was divided into two parts. The first part was on space exploration rides to do with the future and the second part was on the World Showcase featuring themed villages from around the world. There was: Canada, Britain, France, Morocco, Italy, Germany, America, Norway, Japan, Mexico and China. I liked going to the world showcase as they showed movies, had themed rides and souvenirs on the country.On Thursday I went on a tour to Miami and the Everglades. The Everglades is an alligator farm. I had the most memorable experience at the Everglades. At the alligator show this Cuban zoo keeper demonstrated wrestling an alligator and explained his moves. After this he called a person from the audience to wrestle this large alligator. Out of all people he chose me. I was so nervous and he sounded so convincing. In the end he pulled out this medium sized alligator which had tape over it's mouth and showed me how to handle it. Then it was a photo shoot session with me and the alligator. He was quite cute the way we had to hold him. Then after this we went to Miami. I had lunch there with my tour group. After this we went on this harbour cruise. It was 1.5 hours. The tour was 16 hours meant to be 14 hours.Yesterday I was not very well. I don't know whether it was food poisoning, exhaustion, a 24 hour bug but at 2:45am yesterday I was vomiting and had the runs. I haven't been that sick in years. I just took it easy at the resort no theme parks. I did go out and get a cell phone at Walmart. I paid $14.95 for it with $10 credit on it. Mum and Dad here is my new number: 321 246 5622. I will leave it on. I think there is a 4 hour time difference to where you are. Orlando is ahead of time.Today I woke up feeling much better and have avoided the American diet of fried foods and have stuck to fruit. I went to the Rainforest Cafe tonight at Downtown Disney. I had a lambshank with vegetables. It was very nice. You'll be surprised to know I'm at Downtown Disney and it's 9 o'clock lots of people around and regular Disney resort buses to pick us up. I love this set up.
EPCOT-Walt Disney Theme Park. Future LandThe World Showcase:




My Alligator Experience


Jay said...

Thank goodness you have come back to your blog Joy! I was thinking I would have to send out a search party for you! :-) :-)
Sad about no wireless internet. Am looking forward to pics of you wrestling an alligator. Think of the respect you will get from your class!!!
Glad you had a rest day - touring and eating different food can really upset the metabolism.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jay I was starting to feel a little anxious and frustrated over not having WIFI at my resort. My resort is wonderful but it is a little bit like an institution well awayfrom civilization everything Disney. It is in the middle of nowhere but you can catch at least 6 buses to take you to Disney parks or downtown Disney where there are heaps of great eating places. I feel very safe exploring at night as there are lots of crowds. I'm pleased my bug is out of me, there's nothing worse than being sick on holiday far from home/bed. The weather in Orlando has been around 20 degrees. Cool nights but t. Shirt weather. How's your ankle? Soon the moon boot will come off. Must go and catch the bus back to the hotel, it's 9:45pm. I don't normally do this going into town by myself but as I'm on holiday it is a great time to get out of my comfort zone. Joy