Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Greetings from Orlando

Hi Everyone, today has been a great day for getting out of my comfort zone with Rollercoaster rides. Today I decided to do the rides I had missed out on due to long queues and waiting times. I topped up my four day pass and made it into a five day pass. As I had the hopper option on my card I was able to visit as many theme parks in one day. The first park I went to was EPCOT. I wanted to do the Sourin ride which a hanglider type ride where you would fly over California. It felt very real as you looked at this screen and it made you feel you were flying over rivers, trees etc. Then I went to see the Lion King Show which was a conservation type movie. After this I headed to the Hollywood Studios. It was much quieter compared to Sunday. I went on the Toy Story ride in which you had to wear 3 D glasses and earn points by shooting targets using a laser gun attached to a buggie. After this I had asterisked on my map to do the Hollywood Tower of Terror. The Tower of Terror is a ride which goes up to the equivalent of 13 stories and then it suddenly drops and you go up and down for about three times. I stood outside the main entrance to this ride and thought will I or won't I. Then I thought Joy you have come along way and I knew one of Mum's friends who did the ride. I chickened out in California when I saw it and thought I would do it here in Florida. I did it!!! Screamed all the way down. By the time the ride finished my legs were like jelly. As I was in the adrenilin rush mood I went on Aerosmith's Rollercoaster ride that went upside down, backwards and sudden stops. It went 60 miles an hour. I bought the souvenir photo to go with the ride. After this I went to Animal Kingdom and had a quiet time. I went to the petting zoo and patted the baby goats, sheep, cow. Very relaxing give them some of my rollercoaster jitters.

The Hollywood Tower of Terror
Aerosmith's ride that went 60 miles an hour

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