Sunday, January 9, 2011

Greetings from Orlando

Hi everyone,

I had another fantastic day here in Orlando. I have to say the Americans are very friendly and welcoming. Today I visited Disney's Hollywood Studios. It was very busy and there long queues for rides and the fast pass ticket machine ran out of tickets. So I decided to avoided curing I thought I would see some of the live theater shows such as the Little Mermaid, Prince Caspian, the Indiana Jones stunt show and the behind the scenes tour looking at special effects, wardrobe departments etc. I also meant from a Walt Disney biography theatre session that Mickey Mouse was originally called Mortimor Mouse that Lillian Disney Walt's wife thought that Mortimour was a bit pompous and liked the name Mickey and so the drawn mouse had a name change. It was interesting to hear that Mickey Mouse has 170 costumes/outfits. He has more clothes than me. I really liked the great movies ride which looked at movies over time using puppetronics. There was the Wizard of Oz, Casablanca, Bugsy Malone, Mark Twain movies and a very early film that had a lot of sychronized swimming in it made in the 1930's. Tomorrow I am visiting Magic Kingdom and then on Tuesday I am really tempted to get a one day hopper pass to do the rides I have missed in Orlando. I also need to post away a parcel of shopping down to New Zealand. Love the shopping here bought a couple of Disney Cross Stitch kits the other day. Well I better catch the bus back to my resort.

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