Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Greetings from Hawaii

Hi everyone, I'm having a great time in Hawaii. The pace of life is a lot quieter and it is a very clean city. The beaches are amazing with golden sand and real palm trees. I'm staying at hotel two blocks away from the beach. There are lots of great restaurants around here. More in the way of a-la carte which I prefer than buffet-which Vegas tended to promote. Today we (Mum, Dad and myself) went to the Ala Moana Shopping Centre. This is the largest outdoor shopping in the world.

The Ala Moana Shopping Centre: Mum and I

We caught the Trolley bus which was free to the mall. I bought three pairs of jeans made from a light weight drapping material and for a short person. It's just great these petite sizes. I also went to to a Hawaiian shop Hula Hattie which focused on pearls. There a bit of a catch when we went in. The lady wanted us to play this game in which she gave three keys to us to open this treasure chest. Mum and my keys could not open the chest. Dad tried with his key and managed to open the chest. Inside there were some material bags with messages inside. He picked one bag and the message 50 percent off. From there we had to choose an oyster shell. There were about 20. I choose the lucky oyster. From there I was told to tap it three. My first tap was a hard one. I honestly thought you had to crack it open. After three taps we had to say Aloha. Then the lady cut the shell open. Inside were two pearls growing. It was very cool. We decided to make the pearls into earrings. I chose a stainless steel base and from there the lady drilled holes and glued them onto the base. They cost $60. I chose an earring which wasn't too heavy but still had the elegance.

Definitely not my dinner, but these are clam shells. These are the shells in which pearls grow inside them. Sometimes you might end up having one pearl growing in a clam shell, but I was lucky had two pearls growing in a shell.

Yesterday we flew for six hours from Las Vegas to Hawaii. It was a direct flight. The flight had heavy turbulence on the way to Hawaii. I kept thinking what worse a rollercoaster or heavy turbulence. I think the turbulence. However it was worth it. Hawaii is a place I would definitely go back to. It's more me. The weather is very warm and I'm in my shorts and T shirt. Might go to the beach tomorrow or have a swim at the hotel. This is the life, however it will come to an end next week.

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Jay said...

Good heavens Joy. It seems you only just left and now you are nearly home again!
Looking forward to seeing some more pics.