Monday, January 17, 2011

Greetings from Las Vegas

At the moment I am sitting in Las Vegas airport waiting for my flight call to board my plane to Hawaii. I have enjoyed my time in Las Vegas which is known as Sin City / the Silver City. I have to say it's probably not ranked as my favourite city in the USA to visit. During the day time they have these sleezy men giving out cards of naked / partially naked women advertising strip clubs. These men wave these cards round to attract male attention. They did that a couple of times to my father but he just ignored them. They also have this type of advertising on the top of hotels which I think is very degrading and I don't see the male strip club advertising any where. One good thing about Las Vegas are the shows and Overseas singers that come and perform at these posh hotels. I have to say I really liked the layout of San Francisco and San Diego more for their layout. Plus it's not all casino's. Last night I did a Neon lights tour of the city. I don't normally go out at night but I felt when I was planning my holiday that I can't go to Vegas without seeing the lights. The Neon lights tour started at 5:50pm and finished at 10:30pm. I was picked up and dropped off from my hotel. The first stopped we made was visiting this diamond shaped Las Vegas sign that is featured in books and post cards. It was put up in 1958. The next stop was going to the Ballagio Hotel. The Ballagio has a fountain that is in sync to music and plays every half an hour. We listened to the Pink Panther them song. After this we went inside the Ballagio. Inside there was a Chinese themed garden that focused on the Chinese new year. This year it is the year of the rabbit. There were rabbit type statues small and big bunnies. After this we went to the Mirage Hotel. The Mirage has an erupting Volcano that is programed to erupt every 30 minutes. It was very impressive. As I watched the fake lava come out I could feel the heat of the flames. The show went on for 15 minutes. After this we drove along the Wedding Chapel strip. People can have different themed weddings here. If you're a fan of Elvis then you can have an Elvis themed Wedding-too weird for me. After the short drive we went to Fremont St. Fremont St is the oldest Casino strip before the new city / downtown was built on. The famous casino on Fremont St is the Golden Nugget and it has a Neon cowboy on top of it. This cow boy is pictured in books. Fremont St had a lot of entertainment such as people going on zips / flying foxes up high to get from one end to the other. There were lots of singers on stages and every hour they have a dedication to a music artist. At 10 pm they played The music to Queen. There was a light show that accompanied the music and it was all in time. Unfortunately I didn't win any money at the Golden Nugget Casino. I went on two slot machines and spent $2.00.

The Neon Cow boy found in books. Photo taken on Fremont St-older Las Vegas
The Gentlemen's club-way too many of these in Vegas.

Entertainment on the ceiling on a big marquee. Every hour from 7 to midnight a featured artist is played. I was lucky to listen to Queen (Freddy Mercury).

Wedding Chapel Mile-kind of cheapens Weddings as far as I'm concerned. A little too corny.


Jay said...

Sounds like great fun Joy. Glad you didn't lose all your money!!!!! :-)
Your shopping excursions make me very envious. I haven't really been able to do any shopping for clothes because of this stupid moon boot and crutches. Just too hard to even get to the shops. It takes too long to get it on and off when trying on jeans or other pants. And of course, I can't buy shoes! never, only 2 more days and then, maybe, it will come off! YAY!
So you will have to have a fashion parade for us to show off all your new gear.
Enjoy Hawai'i.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jay,

Thanks very much for your message. I hope that when you read this message that you are no longer wearing the moon boot. Sending you positive vibes from Hawaii. When I was out shopping today I thought of you and how much you love poodle dogs. Bought you something cute and useful-knew it was for you. There are so many different themed shops here, they've got a shop for everything. The weather has been fantastic. Well this time next week my holiday will come to end. It has been great though. I just love the friendliness of American and Canadian people. They love talking and take an interest in you. Things are very reasonable here, it's worth coming over here to update the wardrobe.

Must get to bed.

Love and best wishes,