Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to Vancouver

Hi everyone,
This will be my last post from Canada, but don't despair I've read that my Walt Disney resort hotel has wireless Internet in Orlando. At the moment I am on the BC Ferry heading back to Vancouver. From there I catch my 2001 bus which is on Deck 2 and I will take the bus back to the bus depot. Then I will get a taxi to my hotel. Today I sent three large parcels back to New Zealand, as I don't want to have limited suitcase space / weight when I head to the USA. It will be a very early start tomorrow morning an early rise of 4:30am. My flight departs Vancouver at 7:45am and i have to be at the airport two hours before my flight, but I'd rather be early than late. I didn't have much luck getting my Canadian cell phone unlocked to work in the USA but may try getting it unlocked at a mobile place at the airport. Today I heard that the Dallas airport is huge, if it looks unlikely I will buy a little cheapy in the states, so I can correspond with you Mum and Dad when arrive in LA and Las Vegas. So far the weather temperatures for Dallas and Orlando appear to be fine so hopefully no delays. The weather temperatures in Orlando are over 20 degrees. In Victoria there has been highs of 5 and lows of -3 degrees. I will be wearing a T shirt and a merino top tomorrow. A contrasting wardrobe. Tonight when I get back to Vancouver I aim to have my dinner in the tallest building in Vancouver at the Empire Landmark Hotel. It has a revolving restaurant called Cloud 9. It is only 130m away from hotel and I just need to cross one set of lights. If Robson St is busy I will go. I've checked the menu and for three courses it is about $40. I'm not sure when I will be back to Canada. My goal is to upgrade my car save hard this year and around graduation next year 2012 I will get a new car or a good second one. I would like to visit the UK and Europe there after. One things for sure Victoria has not seen the back of me I will be back.

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