Thursday, January 20, 2011

Greetings from Hawaii

Aloha everyone, I hope you are all having a nice holiday and enjoying the kiwi summer. Yesterday I visited Honolulu Zoo. It was great seeing animals. There were Kupu's, elephants, giraffes, reptiles, monkeys,flamingoes, different types of crocodiles and tortoises. We watched the elephants being washed down. It was a 20 minute procedure for just on elephant. It was quite a big zoo, but very natural. Lots of palm trees, grass and tropical plants. At lunch time we bought some lunch at the zoo's cafeteria. We had it under the big sun umbrellas. Little did we realize we had company. Peacocks and P hens to join us. The peacocks were quite aggressive. The people across from us bought some fries and these large chicken nuggets. The food was sitting about a good 15cm from the edge of the table, along came the peacock and grabbed one of their chicken nuggets. He ran off to the bushes and other P hens followed. During afternoon tea time we saw kids who were eating their lunch were being harrassed by these peacocks. I think they were terrified by the end of it.
After the trip to the zoo we went back to the hotel. The hotel has a swimming pool and we had a swim. The pool wasn't heated but was one of those pools where you have to move round constantly to stay warm. I did about 15 lengths. At night we went to the Hard Rock Cafe. They had a special deal on Pina Coladas with refills. I of course had a main, but once I got tired in drinking my piƱa Colada I gave it to Mum to finish off. She enjoyed it, it wasn't to strong with alcohol and I'm feeling good this morning. Today I am off to the Polynesian Cultural Centre. Looking forward in learning about the culture of people living Hawaii.

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Jay said...

Glad to see your exercise regime has started already with your 15 laps Joy.
I went back to the gym today to test out the ankle and was very pleased with how it felt after completing my programme for the first time.
So - no more excuses- into the fitness for 2011.
Those peacocks remind me of the geese at Western Springs park and the black swans on the lakefront in Rotorua. Positively dangerous for little kids and anyone sitting down!
Sounds like Hawai'i is on the next trip list. Take care.