Sunday, January 2, 2011

My last night in Victoria

Tonight is my last night in Victoria British Columbia. It's hard to believe that my Canadian adventure is coming to an end. Tomorrow I will be catching the bus-ferry-bus back to Vancouver. It's about a four hour process. I will be spending tomorrow night at my hotel in Vancouver, then early Tuesday morning I will be flying to Orlando Florida. I will be transferring flights in Dallas Texas. The flight is 7 hours in total, but I spend around 2 hours at Dallas Airport. I hope everything goes smoothly entering into the USA-what will be will be. I've never had to transfer flights before, which I'm a little nervous about. As long as my suitcase meets me at the other end then I'll be happy. I will be asking at the Vancouver airport as to whether I need to pick up my suitcase in Dallas and to re-check it in or whether it meets me in Orlando. All I know is that a big airport will await me either way. I am looking forward to visiting Disney World visiting the Epcot Centre (theme park focusing on different countries around the world) and also doing my day tours around Florida-Miami Beach, the Everglades.

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