Sunday, January 16, 2011

Greetings from Las Vegas

Yesterday we had some retail therapy. Three years ago I discovered the shop Athletes Foot and ever since then I have been buuying shoes for my wide foot. Yesterday Mum wanted to buy some sneekers. She was told in Christchurch that there was an Athletes foot in Las Vegas. Dad googled it and found the location, from there we got a cab to this store. One thing that astonished me was the selection of shoes and how cheap labelled shoes were. Nike shoes ranged from $50 upwards. I got a pair of light weight red and grey Brookes sneakers for $109. When I tried them on they felt like slippers. Mum got a pair of New Balance shoes which were $109 back home she would have spent $250 back home in New Zealand. In the afternoon I went jeans shopping. I went to the Fashion Centre Mall and bought two pairs of Levi jeans at a big department store called Macys. At the moment here in Las Vegas there are plenty of sales and the interesting thing is that the pairs of jeans were on sale but when I took them to the counter they were reduced even more in price. I paid $70 for the jeans which included taxes. I have to say customer service is amazing over here. Jeans are one of those clothing items that require time and I had twosales assistants working for me. The women were fantastic and they knew the styles that looked good on me.

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