Thursday, September 20, 2012

Greetings from Vienna Austria

Thanks so much for your comments, Room 5. Congratulations to those who have done well in Maths- pleasing results be proud of yourselves.

Today I did a city and sites tour around Vienna. We went to Johan Strauss' house where he was brought up. He is a famous composer who composed the Waltz. Go onto You Tube, and have a listen. It's a well known track, used in advertising as a backing track.

We also visited this area which had beautiful buildings. It was known as the Winter Palace / Imperial Palace. It stores the white horses that are used for performances. The horses are actually born black, but turn white over time.

I have been pacing myself at the moment Mum and Dad. I'm not exhausted yet. Just keep going and going. We do have some down time, which I write post cards and update the blog in between times. The nights out have been wonderful and atmospheric. A great way to explore and learn about the culture.

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