Sunday, September 23, 2012

Greetings from Lucern Switzerland

Today I started the morning off with a lake cruise. I am simply loving Switzerland. It is quiet and easy to get around. Switzerland is not the cheapest. This morning was grey and murky. Not a typical Switzerland post card day. We went along the lake and saw these beautiful Swiss Houses and a Jesus Christ statue mounted onto the rocks. The main area is called Swan Square. Lots of beautiful white swans floating on the water.

After the cruise we went to Mt Titlis. Mt Titlis was amazing. It was beautiful country side. Took lots of great photos. We went on one main gondola ride and two larger sized gondola rides. The two gondola rides were full of people. The height was very high and I felt a little light headed. It was due to the altitude. After I listened to my tour director give instructions I went on the Ice Flyer. The Ice Flyer was cool as it took us to another mountain. At this mountain there were toboggan rides. The rides were free. I took the challenge and went down. It was so much fun. I went twice and me being the true blooded kiwi competed against my fellow Aussie travellers. I bet them.

After this we went to the ice cave. This was a cave made out of ice in which you could go through. There were some really cool ice sculptures inside the cave.

Then we had lunch. I had some Goulash Soup, a croissant, a sprite, and some fries for 26 Franks. It was an expensive but nice lunch.

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