Sunday, September 16, 2012

Greetings from San Marino Italy

Hi everyone,

Today I spent the day on the ferry traveling from Patras Greece to San Marino Italy. It has been a relaxing day-catching up on lost sleep, finishing reading my book and generally taking things easy.

I am having a great time. I have arrived in San Marino. I am staying up on a hill over looking San Marino. San Marino is a little village type area. Tomorrow morning first thing we will be independently explore San Marino. I want to climb to the top of the village hills and take photographs of these landmarks which show up beautifully at night. We only have three hours here until we go off to Venice. It will be about a 300km ride.

Better end this. Off to bed now.

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Quaid and Aryan said...

Hi miss Paton

it is Quaid and Aryan. I hope you are having fun.

By Aryan and Quaid