Friday, September 14, 2012

Greetings from Greece

Today I took an Aegean Cruise to explore three of the Greek Islands. These islands were: Poros, Hydris and Argina. The cruise was for twelve hours. I loved this cruise as I got to see the small islands which looked loved and cared for. My favorite island was Hydris, as there were donkey rides through the village. There weren't many donkeys so I went on a horse through the village with it's owner guiding it. I had a member of my tour group do this with me. The horse was lovely and knew exactly where to go and was very relaxed. Then I walked down to the ocean area and saw some of my group swimming in the ocean. I didn't go swimming as I didn't feel comfortable swimming in the deep water without a life jacket/belt.

The Greek Islands are beautiful. When you get out of Athens you really do appreciate what Greece has to offer. Each island was different. At Argena I chose the bus tour around the island. I visited an excavated temple built around 400BC and a Greek Orthodox Church. The art in the church was amazing. Took lots of photos.

I have to say the people in Greece are very friendly. One thing that has really upset me at my hotel is my dear and darling iPod has gone from my room. My iPod is my relaxant and blocks a lot of noise on the plane. Yesterday after I checked in I left it on the table while I waited for my luggage. I decided to get some groceries. When I came back, my suitcase was in my room, but today I turned my suitcase, day pack, room upside down and it's not there. So annoying but lesson learnt. I miss it horribly, but worse things happen. Glad it's not my money, bank cards, passport taken. An iPod can be replaced.

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