Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Greetings from the Adriatic Sea

Hi everyone,

I am now on a ferry sailing to Greece. The ferry has everything: a Casino, 2 restaurants, a swimming pool, ATM machine and WIFI. Today we had an early start and had to get up at 5:15am to leave the hotel at 6:45am. We had a five hour bus ride to get to the ferry terminal on time. From there we caught the 1:00pm ferry. It was running late so we left around 3pm.

Tonight I have to share a room with another solo traveller. I was put with somebody who snores, but I complained and negotiated to be put with someone who does not snore. I am sharing with a 76 year old Canadian lady. She is very kind and thought it would be nice to open a bottle of wine when we got to the cabin. Everything was going well until we had the wine. After a few mouthfuls I felt queasy and needed food. She had a lot more than me and needed help to her room after the first hour. When I went back to the cabin I found out that the wine had 38% alcohol and I am certain it was spirits she picked up. I am fine at the moment and my room mate is just resting in the room. All I can say is that it pays to read the labels.

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