Saturday, September 22, 2012

Greetings from Lucern Switzerland

Hi everyone,

I am in the country of where Swiss Watches, chocolate and cheese are made. It feels like ages since I was on. Yesterday we drove from Vienna to Salzburg. It was a lovely drive. Salzburg is a lot smaller than Vienna. We went to a square in down town Salzburg. This weekend is a long weekend as they are celebrating October Fest- a beer festival. There lots of market stalls selling beautifully made souvenirs which are made in Austria. There were lots of people wearing their native costumes. I also bought a pastry filled with this meringue mixture. It was very rich and sweet. The pastries and sweet treats are to die for!!! The diet will begin when I get back.
We also went to a church in the middle of the square. I have bought a book of Salzburg so I can remember the names of the places I visit. We had a local guide that showed us where parts of the Sound of Music was made. We drove past the church on the way to Salzburg where Maria Von Trapp got married. Its neat going to places where movies were made.

Last night we went to an Austrian concert that had people yodeling, playing the accordian, dancing and playing unique string instruments that are across between a harp and a xylophone. Beautiful music. We also saw the artists wearing traditional Austrian costume. One of the funniest acts was when this older woman started yodeling then in the middle of her song she started mooing like a cow. She had a deep mooing voice. I think she was a cow in her past life.

I took some photos and made some movies.

Today I went to the Swarovski store , which they specialize in crystal ornaments and jewelry. I couldn't resist and bought a necklace which is very cool as I can change the crystal to match the outfit that I wear. I hope the Swarovski store in New Market has the crystal that fits my necklace. If not it's online shopping.

I am now in Switzerland. It is an expensive city but staying here for two nights. I have been impressed with the city so far. They have white swans on the Lucern River. Tomorrow I am doing a harbor cruise and going to Mt Titlis. Mt Titlis has a chair lift and has panoramic views. Feeling better not tired of my group yet. It's a bit like big brother-27 days - 7 days a week with the same people. 16 hours a day of travel and spending time with each other. Pleased I have my own room- well and truly worth the money.

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