Thursday, September 6, 2012

Greetings from Florence Italy

Today we made the drive from Nice to Florence. It was a 690km drive. The drive was lovely. The villages look amazing in the country side. Hardly any animals here, the main product grown here are the grapes for wine. The houses are cottages, that look in their natural colour-more earthy tones - terra-cotta. Just like the movies.

Today we visited a perfume factory just outside of Nice. It was very nice. We got to see how the perfumes were made. Did you know they employ around 150 people to be the nose. These people create the perfumes and are not allowed to eat spices, garlic, or wear perfumes as this impacts on the actual perfume.
I bought some French perfume called Belle Cheerie. A sweet smelling perfume. If we bought the perfumes in bulk we would get a discounted rate. So I paired up with two others and I bought one perfume while the others bought four perfumes.

After this we spent some time driving and we crossed the Italy border. We stopped at a service station restaurant. Ordering at this place was absolute chaos. We first had to line up and order our food in Italian. Then we paid for it. After this they gave us a receipt. We then had to line up again, give the receipt to another person serving and then we got our food.

I had a piece of pizza. It was plain, just tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. It tasted good.

After a 1.5 hour drive, we arrived at a bus stop and took this kiddies road side train to Pisa. I took lots of photographs of this magnificent structure. I also went to a souvenir and bought a cushion cover of Pisa, a Pisa statue and some post cards.

I am now at the hotel and I am having an early night. The hotel in Florence is a bit rumpty-outdated and I've got a B Day in my bathroom. Tomorrow I am going to the Cestine Chapel. Looking forward to a day full of site seeing.


Quaid said...

Hi Miss Paton

I hope you are having fun. I wish I was in Italy.

By Quaid

deziree8dttzxj said...

Hi Miss Paton

I hope you are having a great time with your Great Aunt. And you have a good trip back.

From Deziree