Saturday, September 15, 2012

Greetings from Patras

Hi everyone,

I have managed to find my iPod. It was tucked away on the bus. I have to say it was my fault- I put it down to tiredness, and being a little on edge/ vigellent over our possessions. It was not in the netting area where I thought I had placed it, it was in between the table tray and the seat in front of me. The confusing thing is that we rotate seats every day depending on what side we are on - 2 forward or 2 back.

I feel I just need to relax a bit, take my time packing up, rather than rushing.
You live and learn.

Today I am going on an overnight cruise to San Marino, back to Italy. Greece was a fun place to visit. The Greek food was delicious and full of flavor. The Greek people were very friendly and seemed to be more fluent in English.

This morning visited the Acropolis and the Pathenon. These were amazing landmarks of Athens. I visited the Olympic Stadium which was built in 1896. We also went to Government house and saw the changing of the Guard. I have to say that I am pleased I visited Greece, but simply loved the Greek Cruise I took yesterday. I would love to explore the islands more. They were beautiful, so relaxing and safe.

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