Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Greetings from Nice

Hi all,
I have made it to Nice-a 690km ride from Barcelona Spain. I am at the hotel And I am going off with my tour group to Montecarlo. We will be driving along the French Riviera to see the Cathedral and the Royal Palace. We will also be stopping at the Casino and having dinner there. I have to say I love the French food here. Lots of flavored and colour.

Tomorrow we will be stopping off at a French perfumery. I am tempted to get some perfume as I am not sure when I will be back here. In the morning we head to Florence and will stop off at Pisa. In Italy we are going to an Italian leather jacket store-a department store. If there is something tailored in black I might just purchase one. Depending on price. I am enjoying my tour and today I paid for all of my optional excursions in cash which came to 1273 Euros. A lot of meals and entertainment are included in this price. I feel as the tours are being offered I am going to take every opportunity and do them. At the moment I am fine, buying bottled water every day, taking the 4.2's and watching what I'm eating. I am pleased I had some days in the USA and the UK before my tour. Some of the people in my tour group only had 2 days in the UK before the tour started. I feel you got to give your body lots of rest before starting an action packed tour. Some people in the group have had upset stomachs already and it is only day 6. Must go, off to Sorrento tomorrow. I just love these hotels in Europe they have free Wifi in the rooms.

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Tim said...

Hi Miss Paton,

I thought you were in France but you were in Italy. What are you going to do in Italy. Are you going shopping or are you going to stay at home.

By Tim,