Monday, September 3, 2012

Greetings from Barcelona Spain

Hi everyone,
I have made it to Barcelona Spain. We left the hotel at 8:45am this morning and got here at 5:30pm. We had a one hour lunch break and a few toilet stops along the way. Today I had an interesting experience going to the toilet. We had to squat and pee down this hole. It was the most revolting experience and being a beginner at this my aim wasn't good. I wished I had taken off my cargo pants. A few sprinkles got on me and I have been feeling grubby all day from this educational intrepid experience. Also no toilet paper either. Luckily my Kleenix tissues I keep in my pocket have been very useful for other things.

Today has been a long day traveling from Bordeaux-south of France to Barcelona Spain. The ride was very scenic. There aren't the animals here on the fields. There is mainly grape vines for wine making and paddocks full of sun flowers. The sun flowers are used for making oil. The villages look beautiful and there is always a church in a village.

During the journey we stopped of at a castle called Carcassonne. This is an open air castle which has villages inside. I loved visiting this place as it was small and reasonably easy to get around. I bought a French apple tart and a baguette with lettuce, tomato and Brie cheese. The cheese is to die for here. Love it. At the village I saw beautiful handcrafts and I bought a table cloth for 12 Euro. It is for a round table 180x180cm. I hope it's not too big for my table, but it was the smallest for the round table cloths. I also went by the diagrams and number of chairs and this appeared to have 2-4 chairs-hard when you are away from home picturing my table. The table cloth has a nice lavender pattern, quite classy with a bit of gold. I know I wouldn't get this at home. It's quite amusing so far: I have bought oven gloves from Harrodsburg in London and a table cloth in the South of France. I sure have the kitchen theme at the moment. I also bought a french overnight bag
for when I go to Greece and sleep on the ferry. Will take my school bag and overnight bag with me. Today I also booked the rest of my optional excursions. I have decided to do all of them. It seems a lot of the cities have pick pocketers in them and I feel it is worth peace of mind to go out on an excursion in a group rather than exploring a busy city on my own. The optional excursion will cost me 1316 Euro which includes some dinners, entertainment, cultural festivities, cruises, visits to cathedrals, museums and palaces. Got to make the most of it. I think if I came here again I would probably take more cash with me than using a debit card. The warnings I have had from people are that you have to be extremely where you withdraw money from, there are skimmers here, pick pocketers here. Observe the area first. The card is a bit of a pain. I have mainly withdrawn money from the small village stops rather than in big cities. All good here, loving the food, champaign and having my own room at the end of the day to go to. The single supplement has been worth it. Must go and check out the swimming pool at the hotel. Looks flash.

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