Saturday, September 1, 2012

Greetings from Paris

Hi everyone,
Today is my last day in Central Paris. Today I am going to Bordeaux which is 600km's out of central Paris. Here are some facts I found out about Paris:
The Eifel tower was built in 1889.
It was planned to be built in Barcelona. It takes 60-70 gallons of paint to paint the Eifel tower.
Last night we had a welcome dinner in the tour group. It was amazing. When we walked to the restaurant it was like going into a cave. We had to walk downstairs and the restaurant looked like something during medieval times. We all sat along a long table with these high wine colored chairs. We had a five course meal. The first course I had was French onion soup. The Australians beside me had frogs legs and snails. They kindly offered me a sample of their food. The frogs legs tasted like chicken and fish. The frogs legs had a texture like chicken but had a very strong fishy after taste. Glad I didn't order them. The snails tasted ok. They had a very strong garlic flavor.

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