Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Thanks Everyone

Thanks everyone for your comments and emails.
Hi Jay, how are you? How's the fracture? Are you wearing the moon boot? The Ipod touch is great for travelling. It is a pocket sized computer that you can send emails to people while you are overseas. It's great. Vancouver is so switched on with technology especially wireless Internet in cafes for free. I am typing this while I am on the ferry to my mother's birth place. I'm not sure why I'm missing words out in my writing. I think it's because I've gotten out of bed first thing in the morning. Classic excuse will correct my sentences when I get to Victoria.

Thanks Jenny for leaving comments on the blog. Won't be long until you're in Hong Kong. Have a great time and get lots of R and R.

Hi Mum and Dad I'm on the ferry to Victoria. Thanks for your emails I have been reading them. I am loved my time in Vancouver. Last night I went posh with food and went the restaurant two doors up. I was starting to get a little tired of fried and heavy foods. So I made the decision to have some home style type meals. I had these tender lamb cutlets in a wine sauce with a potato gratin and some beans. It. Cost around $42 with the lemonade included. It was nice to have a change I wonder whether the lamb came from New Zealand, probably followed me here. I bought some cherries at the Granville Market for Ken and Lois for Christmas. Cell phone was cheap but probably need some help to unlock it when I get to the US but it can be done online or when I buy my. Sim card in the USA I can make inquiries.

Thanks Raewyn for your comment I'm having a wonderful time and I'm enjoying the Canadian hospitality and the Christmas spirit over here.

Look forward to seeing you soon Ann.

Merry Christmas everyone.

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