Thursday, December 23, 2010

Greetings from Victoria

Hi everyone, I am now in Victoria- my mother's birth place staying at her brother's place. I managed to get off the ferry in Swartz Bay ok. Last time I got off in down town Victoria. There was a lady who had been there before and she was able to show me. I sat with her and another lady on the ferry. They were very friendly and we talked and talked.
Last night I went out with my cousin Ann and we met her brother Chris and his girl friend Terri. We had dinner at the pub and then Chris took us to his naval base. We went inside a submarine that was in dock and he showed us the the beautiful Christmas lights on the ships. After this we went to the Penny Farthing pub in Oak Bay. I was sipping cocktails for the rest of the night. I had this cranberry and raspberry liquer cocktail and as I wasn't driving I made the most of my time. Need I say more, LOL. At the moment I'm not feeling too bad I probably won't do counted cross stitch until a couple of hours. Today I am off to Nanaimo to see my second cousin Penny. Looking forward to seeing her.

Today it is Thursday December 23rd 8:29am pacific standard time.
In New Zealand it is Friday December 24th 5:29am. My iPod touch is set in New Zealand time so I can do the comparing.

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