Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Craig Darroch Castle

In Victoria British Columbia there are a lot of historic buildings. On Monday my cousins took me to Craig Darroch castle. It is a beautiful building inside and out. In the foyer areas there mountain goat heads and deer heads on the wall. The castle was built for Robert Dunsmuir who was Scottish and who work in the coal industry in Vancouver. The ceilings in the foyer areas were mahogany wood. The rest of the ceilings were painted. In one of the rooms there was a hand painted ceiling. This was only discovered when they were doing some restoration work on the castle. There were four flights of stairs that had to climb up. On most of the levels there were bedrooms that belonged to Dunsmuir family members. There were other rooms as well such as the Billiards room, Dining Rooms, breakfast dining room, the ball room, and the servants/maids head quarters. The maid's room had the bear essentials and they had their narrow little stair case to attend the Dunsmuir family needs.

At the top level of the castle there was music playing in keeping of the era of the castle. There was a harpsichord playing and I think there was a stringed instrument of some sort playing. I was most intrigued with the harpsichord as I had never seen one before.

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