Sunday, December 26, 2010

Greetings from Victoria

Hi Everyone,
Today it is Boxing Day here in Canada. Yesterday I had Christmas Day with my Aunt, Uncle and cousins. Before breakfast my cousin Chris came round with his girl friend Terri. We opened our presents in our stockings before breakfast. It was very fun opening up cute little gifts. After this we had pancakes for breakfast. My uncle made them and they were light and fluffy. I put some canadian maple syrup on them. We also had breakfast sausages served up with the pancakes. It was great celebrating Christmas on the other side of world.

Yesterday afternoon my uncle took me round the Esquaimalt walk way from Hit St. We walked around the harbour of Victoria. It was about an 8-10km walk. The weather was about 10 degrees celcius. This was better than what I had expected. We walked past these flash apartments over looking the harbour. Million dollar properties. While we were out my Aunt and my cousin were getting everything organized with the Christmas Dinner. We had turkey, brussel sprouts, mashed potatoes, carrots, yam potatoes, gravy, home made cranberry sauce, plum pudding and banana cream pie. The food was divine. Nine friends and family members turned up. It was great and they loved listening to my kiwi accent. I had quite a few eggnog drinks.

After dinner we played a game called Up Jenkins where we had to pass a coin along underneath the table. People on the other side of the table had to guess who had the coin. Then after this we played Cranium a game that includes shirades, spelling, model making, acting, etc.
I did well playing this game and guessing who the characters were and general knowledge. Overall a fun Christmas night.

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