Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Greetings from Vancouver

Hi everyone, I'm at favourite wireless cafe Blenz in downtown Vancouver on Robson at. Today I thought I would buy a cell phone for when I'm and if it works in the USA even better. I looked in the Yellow pages last night and found some outlets that are on the same street as my hotel, which is very handy. At 11:00am I am off on my tour to Grouse Mountain and the Capilano Suspension Bridge. At the Capilano suspension Bridge I read there will be 300000 surrounding it. I'm looking forward to seeing it. On Grouse Mountain they will be offering sleigh rides with real reindeer. Last night when I went to dinner I couldn't help noticing how beautiful the street lights were on Robson St. I took some photos. Well I must finish got to finish my yoghurt parfeit of muesli and berries. Not into large portioned fried breakfasts here. One I've noticed is that there has been a decrease of the number of homeless people on Robson St they have mainly congregated around China Town and the back streets of Gas Town. Spotted this yesterday when I was on my tour. I've noticed a lot of tourists here in Vancouver it definitely a happening place.

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Anonymous said...

Is it a Canadian thing to leave out words when you are writing blog posts Joy? Or are you trying to keep us guessing? :-)
Looking forward to seeing you in a sleigh with reindeer pulling it.
I am off to the library today - on my own - have to go downstairs to the garage on my behind I think.
I like the netbook but I need some tuition I think. Some things I can't fathom just yet. Early days i guess. I love the mind mapping tool. That will be great for guided inquiry recording.
Look after yourself