Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas lights

The other nights my uncle took me around to see the Christmas lights on the houses. They were incredible with the amount of effort people put in to spread the Christmas round. There were blown up snow men with lights inside them, lighting displays in the shape of reindeer, sleighs, Santa's etc. It was quite magical. I have to say that celebrating in the Northern hemisphere is very special and I would totally recommend it. The houses that we saw with the lights were in specific areas. Due the recession and cost of power not everyone has lights on their houses. There has been a decrease over the years.
While we were out looking at the lights we saw three racoons. They are the size of a large cat. They have cute faces and lovely markings, but they can kill household pets such as cats and small dogs. Cats have to stay inside and are house bound. Cats in New Zealand just don't know how lucky they are. I tried taking a picture of these racoons but by the time I lined up my camera they had ran away.

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