Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hello from Vancouver

Hi Everyone, just to let you I have arrived to Vancouver safely. Enjoying a hot chocolate at cafe that wireless Internet. Plane was good didn't much sleep. Sat next to a lady who was Canadian and she was married to a kiwi bloke. I immediately thought of my mother. She also came from Vancouver Island. On the plane they had a consiege who was able to answer any questions we had on Vancouver. He gave pamphlets and I was able to find out what time it gets dark here. It gets dark around 4:30pm. The taxi ride from the airport was reasonable and we travelled some distance only $35. Plus I gave him a $5 tip. When I got to the hotel my room was ready. So far everyone has been very friendly. Today there are blue skies, no rain and about 7 degrees. More like Christchurch weather starting to get cold now 3pm polar. Fleece and polyprops will come in very handy.

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