Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Greetings from Vancouver

Hi everyone, today I head to Vancouver Island to see my relatives. This is where I will be spending Christmas. I have to be be at the bus depot by 9:45am so I can get the bus to take me to Twassen and then the ferry to take me to Vancouver island. It takes one and a half hours to get to Schwartz Bay where will be meeting my aunt and uncle.

Yesterday was a real adventure. At Grouse mountain there was heaps of snow. I went on a snow mobile which some of chair with skis on it and a guide to push you up and then go down hill. It was really cool. They wrapped you up in blankets and then seat belted you in. I didn't have to do any work just to sit back and relax while the guide pushed me up hill. At the Capilano Suspension Bridge it was magical with all these Christmas lights. I've never seen anything like it before. I took lots of photos. It appears the light bulbs are much bigger here than at home. I got my new cellphone yesterday. It was $65 and I paid $30 for some credits. Local calls on it cost 15 cents a minute and long distance calls cost 30 cents a minute. When I get to the USA I have to get a new sim card and go onto the nokia website and unlock it. I think it is locked for Canada settings. Has anyone downunder done this before? Must go and check out of the hotel.

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