Thursday, July 18, 2013

Greetings from Toronto

Yes I have made it Toronto. I am on Canadian soil!!! San Francisco was great. I mainly took it easy the day on Tuesday. I slept in, went to my favourite store Macy's and had a bit of a spending spree. I posted my goods back to New Zealand. Then I went back to my hotel. I asked the man at the hotel where I could buy a cable car ticket. He told me to go to the store next door. The store sold all day passes for $14, much cheaper than purchasing them on board. I then walked down to Powell St and caught the cable car from there. It was so much fun. I went down to Fishermans Wharf and had a late lunch. I had lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. I had tomato and basil soup and a Cesar Salad. I had a split meal so the Cesar salad was more a side. The tomato and basil soup was served inside a sour dough bun, no bowl needed. It was very cool. Then I decided to visit the Aquarium on the bay. It was very nice. Loved the hands on area where you could pat a fin of a sting ray. They also had a lady handling a snake. The snake was a bit of a novelty to me as we don't have snakes in NZ so I gave it a pat on his back. I was going to do a harbour cruise, but ran out of time. Will do it when I go back to San Francisco, the ticket has no expiry date and I checked it out with management, so all good. Then I caught the cable car back to my hotel. The hotel was vey nice about 4 blocks west of Union Square. When I got back to my hotel, the guests next door were doing their fifty shades of grey. It was quite amusing. The walls were thin. At six o'clock I met Hayley. We went to the Cheesecake Factory in the Macy's building. They were very busy, we had to wait thirty five minutes for a table, but it was worth it. It was very nice. We had lots to talk about and catch up on. She very kindly walked me back to my hotel. Yesterday I caught the plane from San Francisco to Toronto. It was about five hours up in the air. We had in flight entertainment which shortened the journey. I was in the middle between these two interesting guys. It's always nice having someone to talk to. One American and the other Canadian. Canadian customs was busy. There were a number of plane loads of people in front me. It was a long wait. I had a nice Chinese Canadian man serve me. He wished me well on my travels. Suitcase clearance was easy, got through no problems. The shuttle worked well met an educator from New York who is into E -Learning.