Saturday, July 20, 2013

Greetings from Toronto

Hard to believe my Toronto holiday is coming to an end. This morning I was woken up at 2:30am with a fire alarm going off in my hotel. It was weird as it was more a bell sound going off. Then we had a voice through speakers giving us the low down on the fire department. Everyone just looked at each other in the corridor wondering what the hell to do. I'm up on the 21st floor of this posh hotel. On my floor there were a lot of Chinese people which was rather amusing. i had to tell them to be quiet when the announcements were made. got a message from the hotel that the alarm went off through a fault with one of the extinguishers. The hotel is lovely. I look down on the square and this clock tower. I am virtually a couple of doors down from the Bay Centre and across the road from the Eaton Centre. It's great. Today I did a hop on hop off tour. It was great. I stopped off in Yorkville and had brunch which consisted of Eggs Benedict. It was very nice and I had it outside in the sun. The restaurant had Wifi which was great until we were all told to put our phones away. There was this weirdo walking down the footpath. Stealing of cell phones is common over here. I was told that by Hayley. This homeless man stretched his hands over my table wanting me to buy his newspaper. I just looked at the people beside me and the restaurant staff told him to leave premises and leave the guests alone. They were very good. I think the homeless man was so drugged up he didn't know what he was doing. After brunch I caught the bus to the Bata Shoe Museum. It was very interesting. It had the first Nike shoes, Adidas shoes, shoes from different cultures and celebrity shoes such as Elizabeth Taylor's Shoes, Elton John's shoes. After this I stayed on the bus and went to the market. The farmers market was amazing. Lots of fresh meat, fruit, vegetables. Bought a few souvenirs. I had a short time at the market and then I headed to the Distillary for lunch. It was lovely in the hot sun, having a late lunch. Then after this I caught the bus to the Eaton Centre and to the Bay Centre. There lots of people at the Eaton Centre and the Bay Centre that I just nipped in and nipped out again. Must go, off to bed soon.

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