Saturday, July 27, 2013

Greetings from San Francisco

Hi everyone, I am now at San Francisco airport waiting to board my plane. This free WIFI at USA airports and Toronto airport is simply brilliant and it is free. My trip to San Francisco was extremely short. I arrived in at 3:23pm yesterday and got to my hotel at 5pm. I was able to catch up with Alissa (Patricia's daughter) for half an hour as she was going off to the Justin Timberlake concert at 6pm. It was lovely catching up with her. Then I went to the Oak Room at the Westin St Francis for dinner. The lady at the door recognised me from last year which was nice as I would have the odd dinner there. My hotel room was on Powell St, more on the cable car turn around here end near Market St. I didn't sleep very well in it. There a homeless man who obviously was retarded, stoned, or drunk that made a lot of noise for a number of hours. The same guy who I saw was making a lot of noise on the street when I walked past him to dinner last night. So I recognised his yelling when he I was trying to get to sleep. Ok as a base hotel / stopover hotel, but liked the Westin St Francis even more.  Today I am flying to Hawaii. I didn't realise but I have two nights there which is great. Hoping to go to Waikele tomorrow and have a swim at the hotel pool. The hotel in Hawaii is very nice and I will stop off at the Honolulu Cookie company before I leave.

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