Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Greetings from San Francisco

Aloha, Greetings to you all. I am now in San Francisco. Arrived in at about 10:30pm. By the time I got my suitcase and shuttle it was pretty close to midnight. Hawaii was great fun. On Sunday I went to the Ala Moana Shopping Centre and bought a pair of sandles and some fragrances. I wanted to buy a pair of jeans but didnt have any i liked. Also the tops were extra small and had a limited selection of colours, styles and sizes. San Francisco might have something for me. Then I went back to the hotel and had a swim at the pool. It was solar heated. There was a spa just off the main pool which was heated and it was lovely and warm.then at around 2pm I decided to have lunch out at the Hard Rock Cafe. I am finding if I have a late lunch, then have something light around 7-8pm at night I sleep better and the food agrees with me. I suppose if I have something heavy, then having it early allows it to break down. I had a burger and some fries at the Hard Rock Cafe. It was very nice. Then after this I went to have a paddle in the water at Waikiki beach. The water was lovely and warm, warmer than the hotel pool. I was at the beach for about an hour. Then I went back to the hotel and just relaxed. The hotel had an iPod dock, which I could listen to my iPod and charge it at the same time. Then got peckish and went to McDonalds to buy a salad. Yesterday my last day in Waikiki, will be returning at the end of the trip. I decided to post my fragrances and lotions back to New Zealand. Unfortunately I could not post my fragrances, as they were highly flammable. They were only 3 for $10. I was put off as I was worried that I could get myself into trouble for having items flammable at the airport so I left them in Hawaii. I am now wondering whether you're allowed to buy perfume from Overseas and bring it back in your suitcase. I love perfume, but don't want to get myself into trouble or waste my money purchasing it if it is going to go into the rubbish. But then I think why would they be selling it if you couldn't use it in your own home country / city? Hawaii is a touristy area, attracts all sorts of people. Keen to know whether perfumes are allowed on aeroplanes? I am now in San Francisco staying at Hotel Vertigo. It is four blocks away from Union Square. About a 10 minute walk. It is going in the direction to the Tenderloin area, but as soon as I leave this hotel I will turn left. The room is spacious and quiet. I suspect there will be lots of people about with the America's Cup on so I'm not worried.

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