Saturday, July 13, 2013

Greetings from Waikiki.

Hi everyone, It's hard to believe that day one is almost over. I didn't sleep well on the plane. There was quite a lot of turbulence between Auckland and Honolulu. My stomach was a bit cobbley wobbley when I got off the plane. This afternoon, I went for a walk along the Main Street, went to the beach, then had subway. I didn't feel like much. The weather is hot. I'm in my Kathmandu shorts and top. My hotel called Bamboo has free WIFI in all the rooms. It's on Kuhio Ave, just north of the Ohana East Hotel. The reception area is not flash, but the pool and rooms are. Love the free WIFI and the room is rather spacious. I am on the tenth floor and I have got a view looking over the ocean on the other side. Well that's all from me. I am feeling rather thirsty. I'm off to the ABC store to get some bottled water. My subway has filled me up and I don't feel like eating anything too heavy before going to bed. I might buy some fresh fruit salad or an ice cream and go to bed. Tomorrow I plan to have a swim in the pool, go to the Ala Moana shopping centre. I'll have more energy. It is 6:15pm Saturday night. In NZ I think it is 8:15pm Sunday night. Write more tomorrow. I had two nice men in Customs, the first man asked me when was the last time I visited. I turned round and said January last year in Hawaii and then I said almost 11 months ago August last year when I was in San Francisco. I said I love the place so much and it is a great escape from the New Zealand winter. He didn't mind, he must think I'm rich or something. Just gone out, to get something light. Next door we have a pineapple cafe. I've just bought a non alcoholic PiƱa Colada smoothie. It is to die for. The pineapples are bright orangey yellow on the outside. So beautiful, might make it my base. Love pineapple. Bought a fresh fruit parfait takeaway. I'll have more energy in the morning. Just taking it easy in my hotel room. It is very comfortable. I think I like it more than the Ohana hotels. No stupid time share people. When I had a load of groceries the men opened the doors for me. Love the warm hospitality that this place offers.

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Jay said...

Your couple of days in Hawaii will go quickly. Hope you can relax and enjoy.