Monday, July 22, 2013

Greetings from Chicago

Hi everyone, I'm having a great time in Chicago. Chicago is a big city and has a massive airport. The downtown area is nicely laid out with art on a lot of corners, nice floral displays and a river running through the city called the Magnificent Mile- Michigan Avenue. Today I did a guided tour around the North and South parts of Chicago. The North part of Chicago tends to have a lot of apartments with seaside and lakeside views. We went to Lincoln Park where there was a conservatory. I took lots of photographs of the ferns and orchids. We drove past the Wriggley Stadium and building. The Wriggley brothers were famous for the chewing gum. Then we drove to the south side of Chicago. The South side is well known through being rough, but there are good and bad areas (pockets) that are like this. We drove past Barak Obama's residence where it was fully guided by the CIA. This area had a plaque outside an ice cream shop of Barak and Michelle Obama as this was where he took her on a first date. The South side had some mansions and slaves would live in separate homes on the same properties. The mansions have been bought by churches, university of chicago to house professors. The university of Chicago was on the south side.

After this we were dropped off at the John Hancock Tower. It is the fourth tallest building in Chicago. It is 457.2m tall 1500 ft. I had stunning views over looking Chicago. I took lots of photographs. It was such a nice day I walked back to the hotel. I walked down straight down Michigan Avenue and turned off at Wacker St. I went too Far East, but then realised my mistake and walked back. A nice man pointed me in the correct direction which was great. I stopped off at a sweet shop and bought my kids at school a box of chocolate balls with Stars and Stripes on them. Very American, got a lot of balls in the box so I won't need to worry about anyone missing out.

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