Friday, July 26, 2013

Greetings from Chicago

Greetings from Chicago. I have simply loved my time in Chicago. My Google Teacher Academy two days were amazing. It was great to network with people, compare education systems and discuss favourite apps. My team leader for my team was simply amazing, took a huge interest in me and was so very welcoming. I have to create an Action plan to support teachers within my area. Yesterday I spoke to an engineer at Google around having an online sticker system to go along with feedback that you give to students. He thought it was a great idea and he will my suggestion on. My Google group were lovely. I have got them on Google plus and Twitter, so I will be able to communicate with them and have online hangouts with them. I've learnt so much on Apps, Scripts, You Tube that I feel I need a week to play and experiment with my new content. After my Google conference I took a harbour cruise along the Chicago River. It was amazing. I am sold on Chicago. It is not as big as New York, there aren't the large numbers of homeless people on the street, they're not as rife in the downtown areas, you see them but not as intimidating. My hotel was lovely. I had the best views over looking the Chicago river. I would love to go back to Chicago again. It's got a lot of potential and easy to get round. The down town area is very pretty, things are in close proximity and are in walking distance. A great place to visit.

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