Saturday, July 20, 2013

Greetings from Toronto

Yesterday I had an amazing trip to the Niagara Falls. The Niagara Falls are 1.5 hours out of Toronto. It was a very hot ride. The driver that picked up did not know how to work the air conditioning and it was boiling hot up until they changed drivers 3/4 of the way to Niagara. We had a chattier driver on the way to Niagara. When we were lining up I spoke to a couple from Tauranga in my group. They were both retired. When we were getting our jackets the Tauranga couple called the poncho jackets blue condoms. This made me laugh big time. They were quite hard to put on with the wind blowing. Then we got on the boat. It was a nice ride. I took a few photo graphs on the boat but we were all huddled up. I feel the best photos came from the other viewing areas. After the boat ride I bought a few souvenirs and then joined my group. We went to the Sheraton Hotel for lunch. It was buffet, it was ok but there were too many hot platters for such a hot day and they only offered us water as a beverage. I'd rather of had a Cesar salad and plenty of liquids. I sat with a mother, her daughter and niece from Sussex, United Kingdom. They were very friendly. After this the driver took us round to the viewing points. The viewing points were great. Then he took us to a village area where we had an hour at leisure to look round. I enjoyed this. Bought my favourite maple syrup chocolates and a few gifts. On the way back I sat with the ten year old daughter who is from the UK. She goes to a private school over there. It seems as though private education is highly favoured over here versus state education. She was a character, highly confident with a posh accent. Her school seems to be a little behind with digital learning. They teach e-learning separately and it's only twice a week. She has specialist teachers in all the curriculum areas. School starts at 8:30am and finishes at 5:30pm. Then there is after school club. After school club finishes at 6:45pm. A long day for kids.

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