Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Greetings from Chicago

I am going to keep this post short as I have had a 12 hour day at the institute.
Yesterday I went to the Art Institute Museum of Chicago. absolutely amazing. The Art Institute had original paintings by Monet. The impressionist part of the Museum was impressive, a thematic area where they had the period costumes beside the paintings. I went to Millenium Park-Google it amazing park. At 4:10pm I met my Google group. Met them in the lobby then we caught a taxi to a pub and brewery in the west part of Chicago. I had a bite to eat at the pub. They're a great bunch of people, so much fun. I'm a bit of a celebrity with the kiwi accent. One of the guys said that he could listen to me all day. I said I don't think my kids at school would feel like that and laughed it off. Today was early start at the Google. I went to a number of workshops on Google Apps, Scripts, and You Tube. My team are lovely. My team leader is so welcoming. Must go another early start. Now I'm a Google Certified Teacher.

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