Sunday, January 8, 2012

Time for another holiday

After a year of full on work with school and university, it's time to kick my feet up, get lots of sun and sea air. At the time of booking my holiday I felt that needed a complete break of rest, relaxation and retail therapy before I started back at school. This years destination is Hawaii. Last year I finished my Masters in Education and I thought that I needed to treat myself. It is amazing the amount you save when you are studying. So the money I've saved I thought an overseas holiday was the answer. One morning I woke up and realized that six weeks was too long to stay in Christchurch with all the seismic activity that was and is still going on right now. The city has changed and it is not the same place that I grew up in and loved all these years. Hawaii was the answer. On Saturday January 14th I fly to Hawaii. Honolulu to be exact. I will be staying in the island of Oahu for seven nights and then I will be flying to Maui for another seven nights. In between times I will be visiting the big island of Hawaii to check out the Volcanoes and will be checking out the rain forest in Kauai Island. I have also booked a down hill mountain bike ride in Maui. I will be cycling down Haleakala, at a Volcano National Park. So exciting. This year I am going on my own to explore the beautiful island of Hawaii. So do check out my holiday blog. I will be updating it regularly in Waikiki as I know Starbucks has wireless internet. In Maui I will have to explore further into finding a cafe that has wireless internet.

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Jay said...

Have a wonderful relaxing time Joy. I know you'll have fun.
Maybe you have time for coffee on Thursday or Friday before you fly out.
If not,
Ka kite ano e hoa.