Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Greetings from Oahu

Hi all, YES I have managed to get this to work on my iPod Touch. So happy and in my new hotel room. My other room was right next to an escalator and when it went up and down it sounded like a skateboarder going past my room. As I am a light sleeper I couldn't sleep and felt that as I was paying a lot of money to stay here I needed a good might sleep. Also my iPod touch has picked up the WIFI in the hotel which is great. Saves me from going to Star Bucks.

On Saturday night NZ time I arrived here. I had no issues with customs. I had a nice man who was easy to talk to. He wished me well on my holiday and recommended me to wear warm clothes on my island tours as the temperatures are a lot cooler than in Oahu. It was amazing to see that there were only three people on for international visitors checking our passports, ESTA forms and declaration forms. Two out of the three officers got through the queues a lot faster the third officer was asking 10,000 questions to visitors. I was kind of pleased I didn't have her.

My hotel is very nice. It is a cut above the hotel I stayed in last year. The rooms are lighter and there is better street lighting outside. There are a whole lot of restaurants within the same building, which makes it ideal if your tour finishes late.

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