Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 4: Shopping

This morning I was meant to have done my submarine tour but it was cancelled due to rough seas, so I decided to do some shopping at the Ala Moana Shopping Centre. I was a lot more relaxed and more in the mood for Shopping. I went Macys which is a department store. I thought I would check out their summer shoes-protected sandle type shoes. I found a pair of navy blue shoes which would look nice with shorts, jeans, cargo pants. They are light weight and are slip on. They have the elastic shoe lace look. I had a man that served me. He had a little gadget on him that would scan the barcode and it would tell him how much stock there is available on site and the numbers of shoe sizes available in a particular style, colour, etc. He kind of had GPS for shoes.

Then I went upstairs to look for something formal to wear to graduation. At the moment big bold patterns are the in thing. The tie dye, animal prints and oriental designs are the in thing over here. Not my style. I then went round and saw some beautiful sequined tops. Would certainly add glitz and glamour to the event. When I picked up the Calvin Klein tops I saw that there were pulls in the fabric. I think it was due to sequins rubbing against each other. The sequins were small not the boing type ones. So I decided that the formal tops weren't to be, so my feet guided me to the casual wear. The more me. The sales here are FANTASTIC at the moment. I bought two Tommy Hillfiger tops for the price of one for $46. I also bought a pair of Ralph Lauren jeans for $45-got them half price. I know I wouldn't get these labels in New Zealand at this price. I then walked round to Not Your Daughter's jeans area and bought a pair of navy denim shorts. They weren't onsale, but it didn't worry me. After this I went into the animal themed shop. I bought a couple pairs of socks that had cats on them. There were a limited supply of socks because the factory burnt down in October. They hope to reopen in February.

After this I went back to the hotel to drop off my bags. Then I decided to have a late lunch. I caught the Trolley to IHOP- International House Of Pancakes. It is an American franchise and so I thought I would try out some pancakes. I ordered some banana and strawberry flavoured pancakes. I thought they would be stodgy but they were light and fluffy. At each table there was a tray of four toppings such as: butterscotch, strawberry, chocolate and some other flavour. I just stuck to strawberry.

After this I walked back to the trolley. It dropped me off at the beach. I walked along the sand. All along Waikiki beach there were warnings about jelly fish and eggs. Some people were swimming but from 17-19th January the jellyfish come out. I was reading it was to do with the patterns of the moon. I think full moons attract them to the shore line. I walked as far as the Honolulu Zoo point. Then I went back to the hotel and updated the blog.

That night I went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. I had to wait 50 minutes but the wait was worth it. When my buzzer went off I was guided to a table next to a Canadian couple from Alberta. They said the winter has been rather mild this year. It's been a wet winter but no snow. I was also chatting to a lady from Idaho and she said the same thing.

It is amazing the number of New Zealanders and Australians are over here. I had two guys from New Zealand asking me whether I was from New Zealand. They both lived in Auckland. Small world.

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