Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 2: Leisure time in Oahu

Today I decided to give my body a good rest as I was living off my adrenalin for two days. On this day I decided to book some tours for the rest of the week. Today I booked a submarine tour and an evening dinner cruise. There were two conceirge people at the desk. While I was booking my tours the one of the conceirge ladies said that she would take $100 off my tours providing I would go along to this free lunch held at the Outrigger Hotel. A five star hotel. I agreed to go but if I didn't turn up then I would pay $100. I decided to find my own way to this hotel. It wasn't until I got there to check in I was given this form to fill out. As I read down the page there were questions on marital status and income. When I put down not applicable to the questions and queried further I found out it was bloody Timeshare. I instantly pulled out of this lunch thing altogether. The requirements were to eat this lunch at a flash five star hotel and then sit through someone's boring two hour presentation. I sit through enough presentations during the year. I sure as hell wouldn't want to sit through someone's boring sales talk presentation. I was so annoyed with the conceirge people at my hotel. I don't know why they are targetting tourists with free breakfasts and lunches. Who do you trust?

So I said to the lady at the five star hotel that I was led to believe that through booking other tours that I get this lunch. As I read through my travel documentation the company that provided my transport back to my hotel was offering this free breakfast. Unfortunately I couldn't go to it as I was flying out to Kaua'i the next morning. I wonder whether this is related bloody Time Share. At the five star hotel after a lot of asking questions the lady said it was Time Share. I was so annoyed. I am going to write a letter to the Ohana East Hotel when I get back to New Zealand, this type of advertising cheapens the hotel and misleads innocent tourists. Tonight when I went down to read up on some brouchers the guy at the desk was talking to me about this free breakfast. I turned round and said that I wasn't a breakfast person. Then he mentioned lunch describing some of the food being served. I turned round and I'd rather have Subway or McDonalds rather than to a Time Share presentation. I even said it's of B.S.

After I walked out on this lady at this five star hotel, I went to the Ala Moana Shopping Centre. I got the Waikiki Trolley to the mall. I have to say that the trolleys are targetting towards the Asian culture. A lot has changed over the year. There aren't so many original trolleys. For every four trolleys three of them are for Japanese visitors and one out of four trolleys are for American and other international visitors. While I was there I bought some new shoes. They are black walking shoes-formal enough for school. The shop had a very similar set up to Athletes Foot where they have machines which analyse your feet. I had a very nice man who served me. I told him what I wanted and he went out the back to get me some shoes. The shoes came in half sizes which were great. The shoes I purchased are light weight and comfortable for someone who is on their feet all day.

That night I went to the Hard Rock Cafe. I went in during their Happy Hour. I didn't realize this but it was to my advantage. They were selling $5 Pina Coladas. I also had a burger and fries. The Cheesecake Factory was full, people were lining up outside to book a table. I couldn't be bothered going through that so I thought I would try an American chain. I was reading that the Hard Rock Cafe was set up in 1971 by two Englishmen friends. The first Hard Rock Cafe was set up in Mayfair London. Every Hard Rock Cafe has a generic menu but depending on the location it adds it's own individual flavour. In Memphis the menu tends to focus on barbecue flavoured foods e.g. Spare Ribs. The Hard Rock Cafe had a band playing were good playing Lady Gaga music, Katy Perry, Dooby Brothers etc. A good night out. The secret to avoid bloatedness here is having a substantial breakfast and skipping lunch, just a light snack inbetween and dinner at night, or skipping breakfast and having a decent sized lunch and dinner. So far so good, plus drinking lots of bottled water in between times.

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