Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fun in Maui

At the highest point of Haleakala-10,023 feet above sea level.

Hi everyone, well it's been a few days since I was last on this site. I am staying in a beautiful resort which is in one of the older parts of Maui. Maui isn't so commercialized as Oahu but it still has a lot going for it. The resort has a number of restaurants on site. I have discovered this Italian restaurant called Basil Tomatoes which is rather pricey but cooks using it's plantation of tomatoes. The tomatoes are devine so sweet, juicy and flavoursome. At the resort there is a large area reserved for hotel guests. I have been into the beach water and it is lovely and warm. The beautiful swimming pool is cold, but there are lots of deck chairs out so you can read a good book. On Sunday I mainly had a day of relaxation. I went for a swim and paddled in the beach. Water up to waist. I walked along this beach board walk. It was lovely, beautiful scenery. On Monday I did a tour around Maui which went to the Haleakale National park, where there is dorment volcano there. Amazing views, as we had to drive up to the top. I then headed to the Ioa Needle at the Wailuku Park. It was very pretty, a lot like the West Coast of the South Island. The needle was in the shape of a mountain in which we had to climb to the top.

The down hill mountain bike ride

The actual bike. The frame is very sturdy and the guide told us it was made out of concrete.
The hand gesture (shuka), is what the Hawaiian's do which means hang lose.

Yesterday I did the downhill Mountain Bike ride. It was fantastic and so well organized I feeling nervous at the beginning but after speaking to these men I felt much better. The bikes were different from ordinary bikes. You could use your brakes all the way down. The brakes of the bikes were made in France and bike frames were made in New York. Each bike is worth $800. There were seven of us in the group and there a leader from the company that led us down as well as the company van. The driver and leader would communicate through walkie talkie. I cycled 27 miles. I felt sad giving the bike back as I loved the tour so much. The guys were great and took lots of photos.

Humpback Whales

Went whale watching this morning. Absolutely amazing got some close up pictures. Must go. In down town Lahaina. Bus leaving shortly, at a Starbucks cafe.


Jay said...

Joy's new fitness regime - mountain biking! Go Girl! You will have to go to Rotorua and do the trails in the redwoods. They are world class according to Allan. Raewyn's brother, Gary, could lead you through as he is an expert.

Neville said...

Hello Joy
Great to hear from you,
glad you were well looked after on the downhill bike ride. Keep up the exercise by walking you will return so fit.Enjoy the last few dayson holiday.

Pat said...

Glad you are enjoying Maui. It is good you have enjoyed the down hill bike ride. Those tomatoes you have had sound interesting. I don't think we have that type in N.Z. The closest is the cherry tomatoes. We look forward to catching up with you when you get back to N.Z. on Wednesday. Enjoy you last few days in Maui. Love Mum.

Isabella said...

Hi Miss Paton

It's me Isabella it looks like your having a lot of fun. You are very lucky to be traveling around the world. We are also having fun with Mr Blackmore. I hope you have more fun and visit us one day.