Sunday, August 19, 2012

Greetings from San Francisco

Just to let you know I am safe and well. My iPod Touch is playing, not sure why. Using my iPhone. Went to the Muir Woods forest and Sausalito today. At Muir woods they had these cool brush walks with redwood trees. Quite pretty. Sausalito was great. It is an arty village area quite a bit like Devonportu and Akaroa. Doing fine. At fishermans Wharf at the moment. Weather is breezy not as warm as I thought.


Quaid, Cody and Aryan said...

Hi Miss Paton
I am having fun with Mr Blackmore.
I hope you are having fun on your trip.I hope you have a great trip and I hope that you have fun and stay safe.

From your fellow students
Quaid, Cody and Aryan

Rose said...

Hi Miss Paton
I am glade that your flight to San Francisco was great.I really miss you and I hope you enjoy your trip with your brother and see lots of things and that your having a wonderful time.Everyone Misses you and we hope you are safe with your brother.

Teagan said...

Hi Miss Paton,

I wish I could be in San Francisco. We are having a great time with Mr. Blackmore. I hope you have fun and have a safe trip to England.

By Teagan

Rose said...

Dear Miss Paton
I hope your having a great time and that your having fun. We really miss you and I hope your Okay.

By your student

aryan said...

Hello Miss Paton

I hope your having lots of fun on you trip Mr Blackmore is teaching us about SPACE it is so fun and we get to go on Maths Whizz OR sumdog.

By Aryan