Sunday, August 26, 2012

Greetings from Liverpool

Hi everyone,

I am having a great time in the United Kingdom. Yesterday my brother met me at my hotel and we walked to the central Manchester Train Station. From there we caught the train to Rain Hill where my Great Aunt lives. It's about 20 minutes away on train from Manchester to Liverpool. It's amazing the unique houses that are just like Coronation Street in Manchester. It was lovely catching up with her. She took Mark and I to the pub called the Victoria Pub in her little village. We all had the English favorite Bangers and Mash. I quite enjoyed having a mid day meal. After lunch Mark went back to Manchester and then through to London while I stayed with my Great Aunt. Today I have relatively taken it easy. I spent this morning with my great Aunt and then this afternoon I took the train Liverpool. I went to the Beatles Museum. Liverpool is famous for the Beatles, as this the area where all four Beatles came from. It was a great Museum and it was an audio tour, where you listened to someone narrate at each numbered stop at the Museum. There is a second Museum to go to which I will quickly go to. It is just along from this museum on the Beatles. I am also going to buy a train ticket from Liverpool to Euston Station for tomorrow. Trains are not so frequent on Sundays. I have to get the Manchester-Victoria train as this goes via Rain Hill. I'm aiming to get back around 6:00pm as I don't want my great Aunt worrying about me.

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deziree8dttzxj said...

Hi Miss Paton

Are you having a great time in Liverpool?

I wish you have a good time with your Great Aunt.

By Deziree